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Where We Begin

Unfoldeth thou in the rend so jagged and dark
But tinged it be with lines of red
Glowing of a passage that may scorch the skin
To bear this burden I must do much
So I sling the bag over my back
Throw the goggles over my eyes
Check that all is prepared
My heart beats
Which is good, but the rhythm is a bit too fast for my liking
I lick my lips
They are chapped
The heat burns against my face
But it is the path I chose
So wish me luck
For endeavor I must
Into the pits of foulest despair
I shall surely return without a hair
But laugh naught at my dismay
For purpose is all that may
Do not forget my promise then
For I will bringest to thee
The greatest glory for all to see
And do remember my eyes, I like them so
But please, if you can discard my vanity
It really does not suit me so
Thus I am off
Farewell and best wishes

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